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It is recognised levels of mental health complications for women in pregnancy are increasing globally. Anxiety and fear in pregnancy are currently not recognised or well addressed in maternity services, despite the potential impact on postpartum mental health and future wellbeing of the baby. This set of videos is for health professionals to raise awareness of these conditions and provide some guidance for improving care.
Trigger warning: there are some references in these talks to challenging mental health stories including suicide.

This learning module can be used towards CPD for revalidation with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) in the UK, and equivalent bodies in other jurisdictions.

Perinatal Mental Health: Can Midwives Make a Difference?

2016  |    34 mins    |  Mental Health

Kathryn Gutteridge, Consultant Midwife, and Clinical Lead for Low Risk Care at Sandwell and West Birmingham NHS Trust talks about the history of mental health care. She highlights how care has improved with better questioning, access to services, and guidance. She states, though, that anxiety in pregnancy is a hidden issue, and many are fearful of losing control. The presentation presents stories from women who have had previous trauma and fears and describes the consequences of a ‘bad birth’ experience. Kathryn provides some thoughts on how care and services maybe improved.

Kathryn Gutteridge, Consultant Midwife, and Clinical Lead for Low Risk Care at Sandwell and West Birmingham NHS Trust

Perinatal mental health problems – The development of a screening scale for antenatal anxiety

2017  |    30 mins    |  Mental Health

Andrea Sinesi, PhD Fellow, University of Stirling, discusses the types and prevalence of perinatal mental health problems and points out that disorders for depression and anxiety is poorly identified. He raises the reasons why early identification and support for these conditions is important. Andrea goes on to present current developments on a new screening tool for antenatal anxiety which is undergoing research.

Andrea Sinesi, PhD Fellow, University of Stirling

Antenatal anxieties: evidence-based implementation of a therapeutic antenatal group

2015  |    31 mins    |  Mental Health

Christine Chester, Child Psychotherapist, with Kate England, Stockport’s Infant Parent Service report around support for women with anxiety on work completed with Karen Murray, midwife, as she was not able to be there! A perinatal mental health clinic to assist in care planning of those with significant mental health conditions had been set up. With a known lack of research in the field, Karen undertook a study with a focus group of clients which identified significant perceived barriers to access perinatal mental health care. The research identified that women wanted a community- based model of care with a group setting for support. Christine and Kate relate the development of the group and shares some of the stories from women who attended. The presentation includes questions to the team from the floor.

Karen Murray, Christine Chester, Kate England

Introducing a fear of birth screening tool into midwifery practice

2017  |    17 mins    |  Mental Health

Louise Perkins, Consultant midwife trainee explains the complexity around identifying fear of birth and relates the importance of the consultant midwife in supporting women. She presents details from an audit of referrals to the consultant midwife, which identified this was commonly at a late gestation. As a result of the audit, she describes the introduction of a screening tool early in pregnancy and the project development. Louise discusses how the tool enabled correct identification and referral of those women with severe needs as well as increasing support for all pregnant women, enabling them to voice their concerns more easily.

Louise Perkins, Consultant midwife trainee

Fathers fear

2018  |    23 mins    |  Mental Health

Pete Wallroth, Chief Executive, Mummy’s star charity, in a moving presentation, discusses the mental health needs of father’s, particularly addressing fear. He relates his personal story of his wife Mair discovering breast cancer during her second pregnancy and the positive care they received. He goes on to explain his own story of loss after birth and talks about his own mental well-being as well as those of other men who do not talk about their worry during pregnancy. Pete reveals experience of a subsequent pregnancy and questions why previous bereavement for trauma for men is not acknowledged. He suggests some ways of checking in with the father to help address their fears, things to avoid and ways to provide care.

Pete Wallroth, Chief Executive, Mummy’s star charity

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