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The role of a midwife involves a public health focus, with an aim to improve the health and wellbeing for both the mother and the baby. As a result, midwives need to be prepared to discuss health behaviours with women during pregnancy. The aim of this box set is to provide pointers toward supporting women to make changes to their lifestyle and consider some recent evidence behind interventions.

This learning module can be used towards CPD for revalidation with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) in the UK, and equivalent bodies in other jurisdictions.

Healthy conversation skills to support lifestyle behaviour change: an introduction

2016  |    25 mins    |  Behaviour & Lifestyle

Dr Wendy Lawrence, Associate Professor of Health Psychology, and Dr Mary Baker, Associate Professor of Psychology, University of Southampton, provide principles into improving conversation skills to enable lifestyle change across the lifespan. Focussing particularly on supporting young women to help them live better, they address global data around obesity rates and point to the need to improve nutrition in pregnant women in order to have better-nourished babies.

Dr Wendy Lawrence & Dr Mary Barker

Scotland’s relationship with alcohol, and the implications of Minimum Unit Pricing

2017  |    27 mins    |  Behaviour & Lifestyle

Dr Andrew Symon, a researcher in the Mother and Infant research unit, University of Dundee, discusses the potential public health impact of introducing minimum alcohol unit pricing into the law in Scotland. He addresses the societal level of women’s increased drinking habits and considers the impact on related unintended pregnancy. Current screening for pregnancy is discussed with the introduction to a new retrospective diary tool. Andrew provides data on a study using the tool in two sites in Scotland with indicators that women were more likely to report their drinking habits.

Dr Andrew Symon, University of Dundee

The association between vigorous exercise during pregnancy & pregnancy outcome

2017  |    20 mins    |  Behaviour & Lifestyle

Sarah Lee, Research Midwife, Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, presents a cohort study on the relationship between vigorous exercise during pregnancy and normal birth and birth weight. Sarah describes how the large cohort study was carried out and presents some of the data from the study. The evidence shows that increased exercise during pregnancy is more likely to lead to increased vaginal birth rates and a small association with increased birth weight. Sarah concludes that women should be supported and encouraged by midwives to exercise in pregnancy.

Sarah Lee, Research Midwife, CMFT

Carbon Monoxide Screening: Achieving Smokefree Pregnancies

2017  |    18 mins    |  Behaviour & Lifestyle

Hazel Cheeseman, Director of Policy for ASH, discusses the charity’s involvement in promoting reduction in smoking in pregnancy. Hazel highlights the need for regular training for maternity staff and introduces a module and resources for training. She discusses the use of carbon monoxide monitors and recommends considering the best way of having conversations with women and where they should be referred.

Hazel Cheeseman, Director of Policy Action on Smoking and Health

From Research to Practice: Supporting Women with their Weight During Pregnancy

2019  |    18 mins    |  Behaviour & Lifestyle

Nina Khazaezadeh, Consultant Midwife in Public Health and Eirini Platsa Senior Research Midwife /Project Midwife at Guys and St Thomas’s NHS Foundation Trust gives a presentation discussing “From research to practice: supporting women with their weight during pregnancy” at the London Maternity & Midwifery Festival 2019.

Nina Khazaezadeh & Eirini Platsa

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