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The care that women receive in labour is important for the long-term impact on her and her baby and for her experience. It is therefore appropriate to keep up to date with new developments and to consider ways to improve this care. The aim of this set is to consider women’s experiences and research evidence that impacts on clinical aspects of care.

Getting it right the first time: Holding on to labour

2019  |    25 mins    |  Care in Labour

A powerful and emotional presentation Dr Helen Shallow (Midwife, Presenter and Consultant) and Freya Lockwood (Mother) talk about the importance of getting care right in labour. The talk is based on Helen’s research study on why midwives are not getting care right alongside the stories of Freya and her three experiences of birth. The background of the study is provided along with the context of the services. Freya’s experiences of care during the three labours and births are compared and how the impact of the experiences affect the next births. Helen concludes with a report of what women would like in order to improve their experience of early labour.

Dr Helen Shallow and Freya Lockwood

Waterbirth: Sink or Swim

2019  |    22 mins    |  Care in Labour

In this waterbirth masterclass Dianne Garland, Midwifery Consultant and author provides her six top tips. She indicates that in the UK every unit apart from one has a birthing pool and yet some are not being used. In addition, data is not always being collected. Dianne includes a focus on the global use of water in labour and indicates the significance of partnership and support from others. The importance of the knowledge of physiology for both the mother and the newborn is highlighted along with appropriate antenatal education.

Dianne Garland, Midwifery Consultant

What factors do midwives & doctors perceive affect team-working on labour wards?

2017  |    18 mins    |  Care in Labour

Lindsay Hobbs, University of Bradford relates information from her systematic review about relationships on labour wards. Linking to personal stories and national reports she discusses the importance for trusting communication and teamwork. She highlights poor professional behaviours as being a significant finding along with power relationships, knowledge and trust, often which went unchallenged. Lindsay proposes positive steps that could be taken to improve relationships, including courtesy, introducing yourself and better explanation for decision making.

Lindsay Hobbs, Assistant Professor, School of Allied Health Professions and Midwifery, University of Bradford

#WaitforWhite: Optimal Cord Clamping Whose blood is it anyway?

2019  |    13 mins    |  Care in Labour

In this short, but full, talk Amanda Burleigh, Midwifery Consultant and Clinical Safety Officer, teaches on delaying cord clamping for the benefit of the baby. Research is presented, providing information for preterm as well as term babies. Amanda also discusses more complex circumstances such as the need for resuscitation. She highlights the development of a bedside stabilisation trolley, for ease of keeping the cord intact if resuscitation is required.

Amanda Burleigh, Midwifery Consultant and Clinical Safety Officer

How to reduce OASI’s without increasing Inappropriate

How to reduce OASI’s without increasing Inappropriate interventions

2020  |    41 mins    |  Care in Labour

Dr Gloria Esegbona, Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, draws on her experience globally and studies to talk about avoiding perineal tears. She highlights the importance of midwives in understanding physiology and the pressures involved in birth. She explains ways to reduce perineal pressure being used currently in practice and challenges the use of manual perineal protection and the positions women are placed in for birth. Gloria provides the evidence for current practises in labour that are not helping in preventing tears. She encourages everyone to understand and research physiology. The talk includes questions from the audience.

Dr Gloria Esegbona, Obstetrician and Gynaecologist

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