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Being a midwife who is newly qualified (NQM) is exhilarating but also can be challenging. The purpose of this box set is to provide midwives in this transition time with information about aspects of midwifery care to both keep up-to-date with important changes affecting the profession as well as support for the role. New models of practice in caseloading and A-Equip are covered along with future education for midwifery, and maintaining as a midwife both via professional revalidation and taking care of yourself.

This learning module can be used towards CPD for revalidation with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) in the UK, and equivalent bodies in other jurisdictions.

Effectiveness of a lead midwife on the uptake of flu vaccination

2018  |    25 mins    |  Leadership & Business

Looking forward to 2030

​Professor Mary Renfrew, University of Dundee, and lead for the Future midwife project for the NMC, looks forward for midwifery, across the global view, presenting the Lancet series on the impact of midwifery. She talks about why the series is important and why midwifery is important. Introducing the framework for quality maternal and newborn care, she shows how this is applicable for all women and what is required for those with more complicated circumstances. She explains how it provides the basis for what midwifery services and education should look like. Mary goes on to describe current work around global aspects of education and the review of midwifery education standards in the UK. Though the consultation is complete, it is important for NQM to be aware how education will be changing for those they mentor in the future!

Professor Mary Renfrew, University of Dundee

Breaking the Mould: Caseloading as a newly qualified midwife

2019  |    22 mins    |  Education

The talk begins by describing the preceptorship package and what this means for a newly qualified midwife (NQM). information about adapting to caseloading and reflect on how they manage their diaries and family commitments. The importance of support and accountability is discussed. They highlight that there is no reason why NQM can’t join a caseloading team straight away after qualification.

Jill Darlington and Colleagues

A-Equip and Leadership

2017  |    17 mins    |  Talk

A-Equip and Leadership

​Jacqueline Dunkley Bent OBE, is the first Chief Midwifery officer and at NHS England and lead for Maternity transformation. Jacqueline explains in this talk the reasons why statutory supervision in midwifery ended and the need to develop a new model for each of the separate countries. Jacqueline shows how feedback from midwives, stating they needed to be supported and empowered to advocate for women, led to the development of a model for Advocating and educating for quality improvement (A-EQUIP) where all have responsibility for the quality of care. She explains the model is employer led and does not include statutory investigations. Jacqueline introduces the professional Midwifery Advocate (PMA) role and information on the A-Equip model. She also highlights where to gain more knowledge on and how to become a PMA.

Professor Jacqueline Dunkley Bent OBE, Head of Maternity,
Children & Young People, NHS England

Keeping on Keeping Up

2017  |    22 mins    |  Talk

Keeping on Keeping up

​Cathy Ashwin, Midwife educator and Principal Editor for MIDIRS, explains the process of why midwives need to revalidate with the professional body and the things that should be done for the revalidation process. She describes each of the different steps and gives ideas for how the evidence required can be achieved. The presentation also includes the steps on how to submit your documentation.

Dr Cathy Ashwin, Principal Editor, MIDIRS

The Real Work-life Balance Kindness, Caring and Compassion

2015  |    18 mins    |  Talk

The real work life balance kindness, caring and compassion

​Sheena Byrom, Director, All4Maternity, is passionate in this talk for compassionate care in maternity services. She presents why humanisation of birth matters and goes on to address the current stress that midwives are experiencing, calling for more love and compassion for each other. Sheena illustrates how appreciating each other can shift culture. She also provides tips for developing resilience and connecting with others for support.

Sheena Byrom OBE

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