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The needs of mothers and babies are important throughout the world. The care of midwives is essential to meet those needs. The aim of this box set is to explore some of the evidence around care provided in some global settings, the significance of midwifery care and the unique circumstances within these settings. It will be useful for those considering working in international areas to gain insight into the realities of being a midwife abroad.

This learning module can be used towards CPD for revalidation with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) in the UK, and equivalent bodies in other jurisdictions.

The Lancet Series On Midwifery: Impact and Next Steps?

2017  |    25 mins    |  Global Midwifery

Dr Alison Mcfadden, Senior Research Fellow, School of Nursing and Health Sciences, University of Dundee, presents information about the global Lancet series on midwifery and follow-up research. She provides a summary of the Lancet series and points to the effect of skilled midwifery care on outcomes. Alison also presents interim findings of research on how the series is being used to improve care globally as well as the barriers to the development of services with the series.

Dr Alison Mcfadden, Senior Research Fellow, School of Nursing and Health Sciences, University of Dundee

Improving birth outcomes through education and training in Sierra Leone

2019  |    26 mins    |  Global Midwifery

Helena White, an experienced midwife from the UK, raises the importance of health links with midwives and healthcare workers in Sierra Leone in Africa. She describes the journey of creating a charity and explores the benefits and pitfalls of midwives using skills of education to share with others globally.

Helena White

A study into women’s perception of elective C-sections in Georgia

2019  |    12 mins    |  Global Midwifery

Jilda Cheishvili, a Neonatologist from Georgia currently studying for a PhD in the UK, presents her research exploring Caesarean Section (CS) in Georgia. She presents the national statistics that show the lowering birthrate and high level of CS in the country. Her data shows that many women are opting to choose CS, but without the education and knowledge behind the choice, and impacted by their mother’s and partners. Jilda concludes that more education should be available for women and for the community.

Jilda Cheishvili, Neonatologist, Georgia

Factors that affect whether Women in Saudi Arabia attend Antenatal Care Clinic Appointments

2018  |    27 mins    |  Global Midwifery

Wdad Alanazy, a PhD student at Swansea university presents research revealing that maternal mortality rates for women in Saudi are high and questions professionals and women as to why they are not attending antenatal care. Wdad presents barriers around accessibility, the attitudes and facilities of carers, employment issues for the women, and views of families. She concludes that strategies for antenatal provision and education should be supported at the policy level as well as educating women to choose antenatal care.

Wdad Alanazy, PhD student at Swansea university

Waterbirth of another kind

2017  |    16 mins    |  Global Midwifery

Alice Gautreau, a midwife with international medical humanitarian organisation Médecins Sans Frontiéres, relates an evocative story of a refugee woman giving birth at sea. She highlights the challenge of caring for the woman and baby and uses the story to illustrate the plight of women she cared for when rescued at sea.

Alice Gautreau, midwife with international medical humanitarian organisation Médecins Sans Frontiéres

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