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During the antenatal period, midwives are involved with offering screening tests and vaccinations to parents. Knowledge of these tests and the effect of them is therefore of importance in order to provide appropriate information for parents to make informed choices. This box set provides talks on advances in screening tests and guidelines to help midwives give up-to-date advice, and support women and families.

This learning module can be used towards CPD for revalidation with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) in the UK, and equivalent bodies in other jurisdictions.

Effectiveness of a lead midwife on the uptake of flu vaccination

2016  |    17 mins    |  Screening

Lynne Taylor, Cardiff and Vale University Health Board, describes the importance of the flu vaccine for women and infants in pregnancy. She describes the role of the flu champion in Wales and recruitment and training for the champions. She highlights the role in promoting the uptake of the vaccine, including the aspect of advertising, relationship with the pharmacy to ensure stocks required as well as auditing the uptake. Lynne also addresses some of the challenges to the role and shows how the role has made an impact.

Lynne Taylor, Cardiff and Vale University Health Boar

Why do we vaccinate in pregnancy?

2015  |    29 mins    |  Screening

Helen Campbell, Senior Clinical Scientist, PHE Immunisation Team, highlights why childhood immunisation pregnancy is important. Focussing particularly on pertussis, Helen reveals the statistical increase in infants developing the disease prior to the first childhood vaccine. She introduces the current programme to boost immunity in pregnant women to help protect their infants. The impact of the programme is demonstrated. Helen also provides an explanation of the use of the flu vaccine in pregnancy and provides data on its impact.

Helen Campbell, Senior Clinical Scientist, PHE Immunisation Team

Group B Strep Midwifery practice and the revised RCOG Guidelines

2019  |    22 mins    |  Screening

Jane Plumb MBE, Chief Executive, Group B Strep Support, brings a presentation on the current plans in the UK for prevention of Group B Streptococcus (GBS) infection in babies. She provides knowledge about the condition, including the impact on babies and families at early onset and later. New guidance from the RCOG is introduced, which includes provision of better information for women and families. Jane highlights a new major research study underway, and future plans for a vaccine, as well as the role of midwives in the care of women.

Jane Plumb MBE

Advances in pre-eclampsia testing

2018  |    12 mins    |  Screening

Dr Manu Vatish, Senior Clinical Fellow in Obstetrics, University of Oxford explains current knowledge and identification for pre-eclampsia in pregnancy. Highlighting the poor predictive nature of testing, Manu introduces international research on a new tool for prediction for pre-eclampsia and the ways this is starting to be used and tested in clinical practice.

Dr Manu Vatish, Senior Clinical Fellow in Obstetrics, University of Oxford

NIPT Implications of new initiatives for obstetricians, midwives & maternity services

2018  |    18 mins    |  Screening

Dr Myles Taylor, Consultant Gynaecologist, Centre for Women’s Health, Royal Devon & Exeter NHS Foundation Trust clarifies existing antenatal screening and introduces Non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT), and the plans to increasingly offer the tests to pregnant women. He discusses the way this test is being used currently to identify the chance of babies with certain conditions. Myles explores the potential for the testing and implications for women and maternity services and raises some of the ethical concerns.

Myles Taylor

Antenatal screening & diagnosis from the parent perspective

2018  |    19 mins    |  Screening

Jane Fisher, Director of the charity Antenatal Results & Choices, provides an important focus on a parent perspective of screening in the antenatal period. Jane describes the role and involvement of the charity in supporting women and families. Prenatal testing in early pregnancy is considered and the importance for women to understand the information provided and have a choice, alongside the pressures from private companies. Jane addresses the significance of Ultrasound as a diagnosis is raised and provides vital guidance on the need to support parents who have received a diagnosis during a screening

Jane Fisher, Director, Antenatal Results & Choices

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