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Preceptorship for newly qualified midwives (NQM) is a challenging time. The purpose of this box set is to provide resources and information for areas that are setting up and supporting newly qualified midwives (NQM) as they transition. It provides current evidence of research about NQM experience of transition and illustration from different areas where packages have been created. 

This learning module can be used towards CPD for revalidation with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) in the UK, and equivalent bodies in other jurisdictions.

Perfect preceptorship


|    13mins    |


Jean Mason Mitchell, lecturer in midwifery, University of Salford discusses how and why preceptorship could be improved. She points out the vital role of preceptorship, but with no recognition of the preceptor role and the impact of the standards being dependent on each employer. Evidence indicated NQM feel unsupported. She highlights generational changes in learners and need to adapt appropriately with improved support. Jean provides about how to improve preceptorship support. 

Jean Mason Mitchell, Lecturer in Midwifery, University of Salford

Which factors affect the wellbeing of newly qualified midwives in their 1st year?


|    21mins    |


Alexandra Bacchus, Student Midwife and Amanda Firth, Lecturer in Midwifery at the University of Bradford consider the question of why NQM leave within the first year. Data from a literature review is used to address why the wellbeing of midwives is important in relation to safety and quality.  The discussion explores the different conditions that affect resilience.  It highlights the difference between preceptorship packages and how to improve NQM support. The video includes discussions with the audience. 

Alexandra Bacchus & Amanda Firth

Evaluation of Preceptorship Programme for newly qualified midwives


|    17mins    |


Elisa Iaschi Professional Development Midwife, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust and preceptorship lead midwife discusses the importance of a preceptorship programme. Based on her own practice, Elisa talks about the experiences of NQM and the potential for the shock and challenges they may face.

Elisa Iaschi Professional Development Midwife, Imperial College

Healthcare NHS Trust

Prep for Practice Supporting the transition into Midwifery


|    22mins    |


Nerys Kirtley,  midwifery mentor facilitator, Cardiff and Vale UHB, talks about a project in her area to support students transition to being qualified. She discusses the reasons for needing to support this process and the collaboration that takes place between the Health Board and university. She describes buddying with previous midwives as well as the use of social applications and forums to provide support. Nerys provides evaluation results along with comments from preceptees about their experiences. 

Nerys Kirtley, Cardiff and Vale UHB

Breaking the Mould Caseloading as a newly qualified midwife


|    15mins    |


Jill Darlington, previously One to One Midwives Midwifery Lead of Practice Development and Preceptorship, One to One Midwives The talk begins by describing the preceptorship package and what this means for a newly qualified midwife (NQM). Three NQM discuss their experience of being part of a caseloading model straight from qualification. They provide information about adapting to caseloading and reflect on how they manage their diaries and family commitments

Jill Darlington, One to One Midwives


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