To get to boxsets and navigate the video library, you can follow many different ways to get what you want

  • On the website menu there is a hyperlink that says boxsets, click it and it will guide you through to the all boxsets page, there you can scroll through the various box set options.​

  • On the home page, the individual boxset covers once clicked have links to their own respective boxsets, also the recent video section where highlighted videos are displayed should also link to their own respective boxsets pages.

  • On the bottom of every boxset page, there are also quick links to transition to one of the boxsets.



One has to be a member first in order to purchase or watch a boxset, please sign up first.

  • Purchase a plan in order to watch a boxset, one has to purchase a plan, the plans vary in prices.

  • Watch Boxset Button click-through will link to the watching page, and there are options on how you can interact with the content. from listening to watching and downloading resource documents

  • Click play and enjoy