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Across the world, pregnant and birthing women are not always treated with dignity and respect. In some places, the experience women have been abusive. There is evidence, too, that midwives and other health
carers are not always treating each other with kindness. The purpose of this box set is to examine the circumstances that lead to disrespectful care and address how to ensure services are humanised. The talks also explore the relationships between maternity staff and the effect of poor professional cultures.

From medicalisation to humanisation of birth


|    52mins    |

Leadership & Business

In this powerful presentation Professor Lesley Page, Visiting Professor in Midwifery, Kings College,
London, explains why humanisation is important for birth across the world. She draws upon her
experience of travelling to different countries and explores the different societal influences on
humanising services. She compares the difference between a dehumanised and humanised approach to
birth and beginning of life. Lesley challenges current developments and attitudes toward practice and
underpins her presentation with research evidence. She challenges us to “renormalise normal” and
move to “respectful relationship-based care” to ensure care is meeting what matters most for women
and midwives.

Lesley Page, Visiting Professor in Midwifery, Kings College, London

How does the ‘Better Births’ review contribute to the ‘Respectful Maternity Care’Campaign?


|    25mins    |


Mary Nolan, Professor of Perinatal Education at Worcester University, discusses the Better births review
and the importance of the quality of the relationship. She highlights that Better births point to relationships
that are important to the woman within her family. She discusses the importance of family-inclusive
health care during the course of pregnancy, presenting research where globally women require family
support to access healthcare.  She points to the need to nurture the relationships around
her newborn baby as they will influence future development. Mary highlights the importance of
respectful maternity care which involves the families and in the Universal Declaration of human rights.

Mary Nolan, Professor of Perinatal Education at Worcester University

Bringing kindness & humanity into maternity services


|    24mins    |


Dr Tracey Cooper, Head of Midwifery in Warrington, UK raises the need to increase a focus on
humanitarian care in maternity services. Addressing both the needs of women and staff, she brings to
the fore issues of global and national significance. She highlights why kindness and compassion and
continuity of care are important.

Dr Tracey Cooper, Head of Midwifery in Warrington, UK

Respectful relationships in maternity services


|    27mins    |


Maggie O’Brien,  Midwife & Lecturer, University of East London, talks about the impacts and effects of
bullying behaviour in all professions. She addresses different types of disrespectful behaviour that may
occur. Maggie brings forward research that has been carried
out around poor professional cultures and discusses why these poor cultures grow.  The effects on
services and the long-term effects on individuals are presented with a brief indication
of what compassionate care looks like.

Maggie O’Brien,  Midwife & Lecturer, University of East London

5: Respectful Maternity Care: A Call to Action


|    55mins    |


In this powerful presentation, Sheena Byrom, Director, All4Maternity and Professor Soo Downe,
Professor of Midwifery Studies, UCLAN, provide a pointer to respectful care and what this means.
Demonstrating what disrespectful care looks like, they show research evidence of the experience of
women across the world and the initiatives aiming to improve care globally. They describe and
demonstrate, the workshop the team they are working with have created to support understanding and

Sheena Byrom, Director, All4Maternity and Professor Soo Downe,
Professor of Midwifery Studies, UCLAN, 

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