MATFLIX – perfect for ‘flipped classroom’ learning says senior academic

Well before the COVID-19 crisis threw higher education into turmoil, with lecturers being called up to serve the NHS again and students being thrown in at the coal face of front line action, MATFLIX boxset curator Dr Jenny Hall talked about the ability of her expertly curated boxsets to form the basis of ‘flipped classrooms’. Now online learning is a necessity, MATFLIX provides universities with much needed learning content and excellent CPD resources.

Curated for midwives, doulas, maternity professionals and students alike, MATFLIX’s digital video boxsets are more up-to-date than many text books. They are the perfect study aid in midwifery further and higher education. They can make life easier for lecturers whilst giving the peace of mind that the content is trusted, up-to-date and relevant.

They can be used in the traditional way – as follow up content to lectures, a ‘viewing’ list to accompany a presentation or to supplement a reading list.

But they can also form the basis of a ‘flipped classroom’ approach. 

MATFLIX boxset curator Dr Jenny Hall said at the All-Ireland Maternity & Midwifery Festival:

“One of the things you can do with MATFLIX, as an educator, is use it as a ‘flipped classroom’. So rather than you having to go off and find the resources – for example, if you wanted to do something on antenatal care – you could get your students to watch the relevant MATFLIX boxsets before your session and then bring everyone together to discuss them. They are designed so that you can use them in the classroom.”

So educators, set your students a boxset – between four and eight video presentations of about 20 minutes each – and get them to use the ‘reflective questions’ Dr Hall has provided to demonstrate their learning, new understanding and conclusions for their practice. They are a good prompt for an oral presentation or seminar discussion too.

As the lecturer you have peace of mind. You know your students are watching high quality content from your peers – maternity experts. Every video is curated by Sue Macdonald – joint editor of major midwifery textbook, Mayes Midwifery – and each boxset is curated by Dr Hall – former editor of the Practicing Midwife.  You know the task you are setting is a reasonable time commitment for the students – so no excuses if it wasn’t done. And, it is flexible. You can either set the whole class the same boxset or </boxsets>, or let them choose a boxset from the growing number on offer<>.

With MATFLIX, the student gets good quality instruction from a variety of well regarded maternity experts and video content they can trust without being caught in a YouTube ‘worm hole’ that leads to either Call the Midwife or some ‘anti-vacs’ video! It really is a win-win. Sign up today.

Individual boxsets start at £9.99. Subscriptions to all boxsets are £8.99/month or £2.99/month for student midwives.

There are also exceptionally good rates available for university organisational subscriptions, so get in touch now.

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