SERIES 2: Episode 4 - Loss and bereavement: an empty cot

In this fourth episode of the new Midwifery Hour series Sue Macdonald, Midwifery Educationalist; Co-editor, Mayes Midwifery was joined by Clare Beesley, Bereavement Midwife, Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust Bereavement Team and Kirsty Knight, Co-founder and bereaved mum, 4Louis to discuss how mothers and families can be supported during this time.

The loss of a baby, whatever the gestation, is a devastating event for mothers and their families. It is crucial that care and support is tailored to the needs of the woman and her family, culturally sensitive and aware.

To mark Baby Loss Week, Sue Macdonald talks to Clare Beesley about the specialist work she and her award winning bereavement team undertakes, the particular challenges that the pandemic has posed in providing quality bereavement care and the way in which the team has overcome and adapted to support families at this most difficult time. She highlights the importance of not making assumptions when considering the needs of individual women and families.

Kirsty Knight, bereaved mother and co-founder of 4Louis shared her experience and spoke about the work that her charity does to provide support and resources for parents after miscarriage, stillbirth and child loss, and improve information for those who care for parents.

This episode of the Maternity & Midwifery Hour – proudly supported by MATFLIX – focused on Loss and bereavement.

Host Sue Macdonald (Co-editor, Mayes Midwifery textbook) was joined by Clare Beesley (Bereavement Midwife, Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust Bereavement Team) and Kirsty Knight (Co-founder and bereaved mum, 4Louis).

Watch the Maternity & Midwifery Hour highlights now:

Clare Beesley

Kirsty Knight

Sue Macdonald

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