SERIES 2: Episode 5 - Building continuity of care in COVID-19

In this fifth episode of the new Midwifery Hour series Sue Macdonald, Midwifery Educationalist; Co-editor, Mayes Midwifery was joined by Mel Radford, Senior Midwife; Continuity of Carer Implementation Lead, Newcastle-upon-Tyne Hospitals NHS Trust and Dr Anna Byrom, Senior Lecturer, University of Central Lancashire.

Continuity of Care (CoC) has been shown consistently as being a key part in providing quality care and increasing the physical and emotional safety of the childbearing woman and her baby.

Recent maternity service strategies and developments have made this a priority and, even with the impact of COVID-19, midwives and those engaged in maternity services are working to set up strong and sustainable systems to ensure that CoC is provided. These systems are designed to impact on quality of care as well as to work with the midwives’ working needs also.

In order to appropriately develop midwives for the future, continuity models are being used within midwifery education programmes, so that students can learn the theory and practice of continuity for themselves as practitioners, and for women and their babies.

This episode of the Maternity & Midwifery Hour – proudly supported by MATFLIX – focused on Building continuity of care in COVID-19.

Host Sue Macdonald (Co-editor, Mayes Midwifery textbook) was joined Mel Radford (Senior Midwife; Continuity of Carer Implementation Lead, Newcastle-upon-Tyne Hospitals NHS Trust) and Dr Anna Coonan-Byrom (Senior Lecturer, University of Central Lancashire).

Watch the Maternity & Midwifery Hour highlights now:

Dr Anna Coonan-Byrom

Mel Radford

Sue Macdonald

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