SERIES 3 EP.7: Key findings from the MBRRACE-UK Report

In this episode of Midwifery Hour series three, Sue Macdonald, Curator, Maternity & Midwifery Festivals; Co-editor, Mayes Midwifery was joined by Kim Morley, ACP, INP, Epilepsy Specialist Nurse/Midwife and Joy Palmer, Midwife Expert and Educator.

This episode focused on epilepsy and the recent MBRRACE Report.

This hour covers key findings of the report and how midwives, student midwives and others in maternity care can use the findings to improve management and care for women.

This episode of the Maternity & Midwifery Hour – proudly supported by MATFLIX – focused on 'Key findings from the MBRRACE-UK Report'.

Host Sue Macdonald (Curator, Maternity & Midwifery Festivals; Co-editor, Mayes Midwifery) was joined by Kim Morley (Advanced Clinical Practitioner, Independent Nurse/Midwife Prescriber, epilepsy specialist nurse/midwife) and Joy Palmer (Midwife Expert and Educator).

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Sue Macdonald @SueMacMidwife

Kim Morley, MSc, INP, RM, RN @epilepsymidwife

Joy Palmer @JoyPalmerRM

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