SERIES 4 EP.1: 'The pen is mightier…' Finding the Words: Sharing & influencing

In this first episode of Midwifery Hour series four, Sue Macdonald, Curator, Maternity & Midwifery Festivals; Co-editor, Mayes Midwifery was joined by Natalie Corden, Continuity Midwife; Blogger and Leah Hazard, Author, Hard Pushed; Midwife.

This session covered how important is it to be able to share and talk about issues within midwifery – the stresses, and the joys, challenges and the achievements. In this time of pandemic, rapidly growing information and changing services, it is crucial for midwives to be able to communicate and to be kept up-to-date through books, journals and, of course, social media.

In this episode, Nat and Leah, both experienced and committed midwives, shared their experiences as midwives and as bloggers and authors, along with day-to-day practice, continuity of care and work-life balance as well as physiological matters.

This episode of the Maternity & Midwifery Hour – proudly supported by MATFLIX – focused on Finding the Words: Sharing & influencing.

Host Sue Macdonald (Curator, Maternity & Midwifery Festivals; Co-editor, Mayes Midwifery) was joined Natalie Corden (Continuity Midwife; Blogger) and Leah Hazard (Author, Hard Pushed; Midwife).

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Leah Hazard

Natalie Corden

Maternity and Midwifery Hour Review

Student, Amba has reviewed the Maternity and Midwifery Hour in her own words.

The start of series 4 looked at ‘Finding the Right Words: Sharing & Influencing’ with guest speaker continuity-of-care midwife, Natalie Corden.

Natalie discussed her journey with blogging; initially she used it to discuss how she felt during her midwifery training and her feelings around mum guilt as the course didn’t leave her much time with her sons. Natalie found that many other students felt the same and it opened her up to a wider network of student midwives. Now, Natalie uses it to share her experience of a continuity or care midwife, a role that she loves and allows her to create a better work and home life balance.

Leah Hazard author of ‘Hard Pushed’ was also a guest speaker on this week’s episode, Leah reminds midwives about using social media to think about how they would like to present themselves online and reminded us of the importance of remembering the NMC code. Leah also encourages us to use social media to amplify the voices of the unheard in maternity services which is very important with today’s social issues.

Both Natalie and Leah expressed how great the midwifery community is on Twitter and allows for students and registered midwives alike to connect.

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DATE FOR YOUR DIARY: The next episode airs on 21 April 2021 - register now.

Catch up on Series 1 -3 here.

This hour was produced by Neil Stewart Associates and filmed by Narrowcast Media Group.

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