SERIES 4 EP.6: Being a new mum – the rhetoric and the reality

In this fifth episode of Midwifery Hour series four, Sue Macdonald, Curator of the Midwifery Festivals; Co editor of Mayes Midwifery (16th Edition) was joined by Professor Amy Brown, Professor, Public Health, Policy and Social Sciences, Swansea University.

Professor Amy Brown is well known for her humorous and forthright approach to dissecting modern day media narratives and cultural pressures around motherhood and infant feeding. Her clear presentation of evidence and research will provide a picture of some of the difficulties facing new mums and how midwives can support them in the first few weeks of motherhood.

Host Sue Macdonald was joined by Professor Amy Brown (Professor, Public Health, Policy and Social Sciences, Swansea University).

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Professor Amy Brown

Sue Macdonald

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This hour was produced by Neil Stewart Associates and filmed by Narrowcast Media Group.