SERIES 4 EP.2: Midwives Getting Creative: methods in education and research

In this second episode of Midwifery Hour series four, Sue Macdonald, Curator, Maternity & Midwifery Festivals; Co-editor, Mayes Midwifery was joined by Dr Jenny Hall, Curator, MATFLIX and Lindsay Hobbs, Midwifery Lecturer, University of Bradford.

Remember the knitted midwives of 2016? This hour explores creativity – including crafting, quilting and knitting. These skills are not merely practical and relaxing hobbies, but can be linked to academic study, reflection on practice and as a means of action and illustration of points.

The knitted midwives, a project led by Jenny and Lindsay in 2016, was to illustrate a political point that there was (and still is) a national shortage of midwives and that educating and preparing them is a major challenge to the service. It was also designed to celebrate what midwives can mean to people personally.

The knitted midwives were taken to the RCM annual conference in Harrogate and was a tangible picture of what a huge number actually looks like.

In 2020, there was a plan to celebrate the year of the Nurse and the midwife with a exercise in quilting. Watch or listen to hear about how you can engage creatively yourself to start professional conversations.

This episode of the Maternity & Midwifery Hour – proudly supported by MATFLIX – focused on Midwives Getting Creative: methods in education and research

Host Sue Macdonald was joined by Dr Jenny Hall (Curator, MATFLIX) and Lindsay Hobbs (Midwifery Lecturer, University of Bradford).

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Dr Jenny Hall and Lindsay Hobbs

Sue Macdonald

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This hour was produced by Neil Stewart Associates and filmed by Narrowcast Media Group.

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